Elite-Effort Recruiting Corporation



The Elite-Effort Recruiting Corporation is an owner operated staffing solutions firm for logistics companies in the Greater Toronto Area. Over a decade of experience in the industry, we make the hiring process smooth and easy.

Many of Elite-Effort's clients are the leaders in the trucking, waste removal, document storage and destruction industries. A key component to their success has been the flexibility of using Elite-Effort's services to hire and retain quality workers.

Many of Elite-Effort's drivers and general labourers have gone on to become supervisors and managers for their clients.

Your hiring needs are just phone call away!


  • Immediate Access to Workers
  • Centrally Located Recruiting Office
  • Years of Experience
  • 24 hour Accessibility to Workers
  • Quick and Easy Dispatch Method
  • Comply With Safe Working Practices
  • Flexible, Affordable Work Force

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